Threa Almontaser’s “The Wild Fox of Yemen” wins Walt Whitman Award

Threa Almontaser has won the Walt Whitman Award for the best first book for her upcoming book titled, “The Wild Fox of Yemen” that is due to come in April 2021. Threa Almontaser is a Yemeni-American poet.

Established in 1975 to champion emerging poets, the Walt Whitman Award is presented by the Academy of American Poets. Threa Almontaser adds her name to the list of winners that include Jenny Xie, Judy Jordan and Chris Llewellyn.

Being honoured with the Whitman Award, Almontaser will get a six-week residency in Umbria, Italy, and a prize money of $5,000. In addition, the academy will purchase hundreds of copies of her book and distribute them to members.

The Whitman Award judge Harryette Mullen said, “The spirit of Whitman lives in these poems that sing and celebrate a vibrant, rebellious body with all its physical and spiritual entanglements”.

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