The World Health Organization Advises Avoiding Taking Painkillers Before Getting the Coronavirus Vaccine

Taking painkillers before a Covid-19 shot to avoid probable side effects is not recommended, according to the World Health Organization, as it may reduce the vaccine’s potency (WHO). However, “paracetamol or other painkillers” can be used to treat post-vaccination side effects such as pain, fever, headache, or muscular pains, according to the World Health Organization. 

The WHO made the announcement after many false social media posts claimed that antihistamines and other over-the-counter medications should be used before getting the Covid shots to help alleviate the vaccine’s potential negative effects. 

The WHO does not recommend taking pain relievers like paracetamol before getting the Covid-19 vaccine to avoid side effects because it is unknown how pain relievers may alter how effectively the vaccine works. But If you experience side effects including discomfort, fever, headache, or muscular aches after immunization, you can take paracetamol or other pain relievers. 

In most cases, the vaccine’s usual adverse effects, like arm discomfort, headaches, or exhaustion, are modest, according to the WHO. Antihistamines, on the other hand, can help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions, but they are not intended to prevent them. However, if you’re currently on any medicine, you should see your doctor, since some people may be advised to continue taking antihistamines for rashes and other allergic responses. 

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