The United States and the European Union will Reconsider Sanctions against Venezuela under Certain Conditions

The United States, the European Union, and Canada have stated that they are ready to reassess sanctions policy against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his dictatorship if substantive, realistic progress is made in negotiations to restore the country’s democratic process. 

A time-bound and comprehensive negotiation process should restore the country’s institutions and allow all Venezuelans to express themselves politically through credible, inclusive, and transparent local, parliamentary, and presidential elections, according to the US State Department. 

Political prisoners should be released unconditionally, political parties should have autonomy, freedom of expression and the press should be protected, and human rights violations should be stopped, according to the parties. 

Maduro, who was the focus of severe US sanctions under previous President Donald Trump, appealed to President Joe Biden’s administration to ease the sanctions and improve relations. But according to a State Department spokesperson, a change in US policy would necessitate considerable adjustments by Venezuela’s president in the direction of restoring democracy before sanctions could be rescinded. 

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