The United Nations Launches its Anti-Corruption Project in Papua New Guinea

Dirk Wagener, the UN Development Program’s Resident Representative in PNG, launched the UN Joint Project on Preventing and Combating Corruption.

The project will be implemented by the UNDP and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in conjunction with and via the Government of Papua New Guinea, including the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, during the next three years.

Mr. Wagener praised Minister of Justice Bryan Kramer for his Ministry’s continued collaboration with the UN team. Kramer is the head of the DJAG team, which has been at the forefront of the nation’s fight against corruption.

UN members congratulated EU Ambassador to Papua New Guinea Jernej Videtic for the EU’s commitment to fighting corruption through a 5.4 million Euro project (K18, 467,000.00).

In addition to this money, the PNG government will get direct assistance in implementing important elements of the country’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Plan of Action.

This policy demonstrates that fighting corruption is a prerequisite for national growth and, more importantly, ensures that people can live in peace and good health.

PNG’s development has clearly been hampered by corruption. If it is not addressed, PNG’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals will be hampered.

PNG, according to Wagener, is the first Pacific country to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

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