The United Kingdom and the European Union have come to an agreement on fishing opportunities for the year 2022

The UK and the EU have reached an agreement on yearly fisheries negotiations, giving the fishing industry stability on catch limits for 2022.

For about 70 fish stocks, the UK-EU catch restrictions, known as Total Allowable Catches, have been negotiated. Based on historic landing rates, they will give roughly 140,000 tonnes of fishing opportunities for the UK fleet, valued at around £313 million.

The agreement also commits the UK and EU to develop multi-year strategies for non-quota species in a timely manner in order to ensure the long-term management of these stocks. Non-quota stocks will be handled the same as they have been in past years, thanks to an unprecedented agreement between the UK and the EU not to implement tonnage restrictions in 2022.

The agreement with the EU also includes a commitment to hold constructive dialogue on specific issues connected to fisheries management through the Specialised Committee on Fisheries formed under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Following the signing of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the EU in 2020, this is the second time the UK has participated in negotiations with the EU as an independent coastal state.

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