The UN at the Dubai Expo 2020

The long-awaited as well as delayed 2020 Dubai Expo, the first of its kind in the Middle East, kicked begin today. At a dedicated “UN Hub,” the United Nations will organize programmes and exhibitions to emphasize the Organization’s key role in addressing the world’s challenges. Here are a few things to keep an eye on throughout this six-month “mega-event”. 

The Dubai Expo is being billed as the Arab world’s largest event. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact, forcing the organizers to postpone the event until 2021. The Expo is expected to accelerate the UAE economy’s recovery, notably tourism, which is a crucial sector for the country. 

To entice them, the desert has been transformed into a massive 4.3 square kilometer venue with more than 200 pavilions. Cultural events, entertainment, and informative exhibits and discussions are all promised to visitors. 

With the Al Wasl dome, the world’s largest unsupported dome, and the largest 360-degree projection surface, as its centerpiece, Dubai continues the Expo tradition of innovative architecture, and it will also showcase innovative technology: ride-hailing company Uber is expected to demonstrate its flying cars. 

There are also “special pavilions” centered on the themes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, in addition to the 192 country pavilions. The United Nations hub is housed in one of these pavilions, the “Mission Possible” pavilion. 

At the Hub, the UN is planning a series of events and activities, including immersive experiences, interactive exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, advocacy campaigns, cultural performances, and installations, as well as dialogues and conversations about the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, which are global targets to reduce poverty and promote peace and equality. A more full schedule of events will be available here. 

Artwork inspired by the Goals will be on display, with an official opening on November 9th that will include a series of panel discussions with the artists as well as a virtual exhibit experience for a wider audience. A variety of events, including an official ceremony at the Al Wasl Dome and a performance by the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO), will take place on UN Day, October 24. 

Several million visitors from all over the world are anticipated to visit Dubai during the six-month Expo, which runs through the end of March 2022. This is an opportunity for the UN to showcase its work and explain why it is critical to tackling global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, as well as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.Page Break 

The event, according to Maher Nasser, the UN Commissioner-General at Expo, is an excellent platform for global dialogue and collaboration, offering a unique opportunity to showcase not only the power of ingenuity and innovation but also the power of cooperation and how countries come together, united in a shared vision, a vision to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.