The Race for Software Development in Europe is Heating Up

Two big market disruptors, the Covid-19 epidemic, and Brexit are compelling UK businesses to develop software at a faster rate than the rest of Europe. Most firms are moving to low-code platforms in the post-Brexit digital gold rush. 

According to the article “The state of low-code 2021: A look back, the light ahead,” issued by Mendix, a low-code application development platform. The organization found that 79 % of businesses in the UK are expecting to speed up software development in the next two years after polling 2,000 IT decision-makers and software developers globally for the survey. 

The European average is 74%, while the German average is only 69%. 

While some see Brexit and Covid-19 as potential disruptors, others see it as a chance. To take advantage of it, many people (particularly in the United Kingdom) are turning to low-code platforms. 80% of enterprises in the country are already employing it, compared to 74% elsewhere in Europe. 

According to the report, these “simple drag-and-drop solutions” can suit a variety of corporate goals, including rapid development and deployment. It is mostly used by UK organizations to develop IoT, productivity, and automation applications. 

 The shift to low-code is a welcome sight for many, especially in light of the growing problem of underskilled workers.