The Netherlands could assist in improving China-EU relationships

The Netherlands, as one of China’s top European trading partners, could help China to convey its “message” to Brussels and help develop the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the European Union, said Boudewijn Poldermans, a Dutch sinologist from the Netherlands China Business Council.

The Netherlands and China share business ties from past four centuries and the Netherlands is one of China’s major European trade partners, despite its relatively small size.

The expert on Sino-Dutch relations believes that the Dutch could play an important role in helping the nations to improve both trade and political ties between China and the European Union. “The Netherlands is one of the founders of the European Union. In that respect, [it] can maybe play a role or assist China to transfer the message from China to Brussels,” said Poldermans.

The remarks by Poldermans came at a time when China Foreign Minister Wang Yi was visiting the Netherlands.

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