The increasing acts of Terrorism and NAM’s efforts to curb it!

The Movement which has always upheld the principles of liberation and struggle in opposition to racial discrimination while affirming and backing the rights of people to independence in a bipolar world, strives today in a unipolar world, to take up the challenges of expansion, concord and solidity and work to cast out double standards when calling acts of terrorism.

The Non-Aligned Movement has encouraged and preached the maxims of liberation and sovereignty of states without giving up to the pressure of the developed countries since its inception. NAM has reiteratingly urged and advised for its members and the world as a whole to practice peace and harmony through its policies and non proliferation of nuclear weapons being one of the strongest pillars of the movement. NAM is the second largest group after the United Nations and therefore its agenda on terrorism plays an important role in conveying the message of peace to the world and specifically to its member countries. The curse to humanity – terrorism which is progressively taking more worrying proportions has unveiled a new ugly reality adding on to the many challenges posed to the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Hence the movement in recent summits has called on to adapt its approach to international changes. Also keeping up with the developments that the world underwent following the 11 September events as well as the UN Security Council’s decision about the fight against terrorism, NAM has made this “thorny” and “complex” issue one of its top priorities emphasising on immediate action in course with its laid norms during the capital summits and ministerial meetings.

Responsive and alert to the need to control the racing terror attacks and to support the effectuation of the UN strategy on the fight against terrorism, Non-Aligned Movement has developed concerted approaches, that may influence the new world order along with measures to propagate the same. Since the Summits of Havana (Cuba-2006), Charm El Sheikh (Egypt-2009) and Tehran (Iran-2012), terrorism issue takes the most chunk of share in the African-Asian group agenda and constitutes one of the main priorities, also, condemning any muddle between terrorism and the legitimate fight of the occupied populace. In the Movement’s forums since then NAM has talked about rallying necessary resources and establishing teamwork mechanism involving the NAM member countries to exterminate terrorism that blights the southern countries. It has also vehemently warns against the dangerous impact of ransom payment, which tends to become an alternative way to finance terrorist groups. It also emphasises the need to fight against this multidimensional development.

It constantly ingeminates that any sort of terrorist acts involves a blatant disobedience of international law, including international humanitarian and human rights law, predominantly the right to life, leading to the lack of the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms of peoples. Such acts jeopardize the territorial veracity and stability of States along with national, regional and international security, destabilize lawfully constituted governments or the existing legitimate order and political unity of States. It also affects the stability of nations and the very basis of societies, creating undesirable consequences on the financial and communal development and cause the demolition of the substantial and economic communications of States.

Non-Aligned Meetings preaches to its members vocalizing that terrorism should not be equated with the lawful and justifiable struggle of people under colonial or alien domination and foreign occupation, for self-determination and national liberation. The brutalisation of peoples remaining under foreign occupation should continue to be denounced as the gravest form of terrorism, and the use of State power for the suppression and violence against peoples struggling against foreign occupation in exercising their inalienable right to self-determination should continue to be condemned. The Movement restates its principled position under international law and in accordance with General Assembly resolution 46/51 of 9 December 1991 as well as other relevant UN resolutions on the legitimacy of the struggles of people under colonial or alien domination and foreign occupation for national liberation and self-determination.

Moreover, NAM makes it clear in its summits and otherwise that terrorism cannot and should not be connected or linked with any religion, nationality, civilisation or ethnic group. Also in no way should these attributes be used to rationalize terrorism or counter-terrorism measures which include, among other things, profiling of terror suspects and infringement of individual privacy.

By Dr. Ankit Srivastava, Editor

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