The Importance of Eggs was Highlighted at the United Nations Food Conference

Suresh Chitturi, chairman of the International Egg Commission, presented the industry’s commitments to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, saying that the creation of the Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs (GISE) three years ago had been critical to the industry’s contributions to Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Eggs, according to Chitturi, provide the finest quality protein, as well as 13 vitamins and minerals, and have the potential to directly enhance human health outcomes around the world due to their nutrient density and bioavailability.

He underlined the egg industry’s intention to making further significant environmental commitments to reach net-zero emissions during a UN Food Systems Pre-Summit linked session on “Sustainable Protein for All.”

“The IEC is currently working with our Environmental Sustainability Expert Group to support the development of a roadmap to achieve net-zero emissions, identifying opportunities for the global industry to adopt best practices and continue to provide the highest quality affordable and sustainable protein for all,” he said.

His remarks mirrored those of Hans Hoogeveen, the Netherlands’ UN Ambassador, who emphasized the importance of high-quality protein in balanced diets. Everyone should have access to affordable protein from a variety of animal and plant-based sources, he said.

He went on to say that reducing the environmental effect of all sources of protein, with stakeholders from many sectors working together, was critical since only then would inexpensive and good meals are available to everyone.

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