The EU has achieved its Target of Vaccinating 70% of its Adults

According to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the EU has met its goal of supplying enough coronavirus vaccination to cover 70% of the adult population. 

The vaccines are administered by the 27 governments, and some are working significantly faster than others, but von der Leyen emphasized that “the EU has fulfilled its commitment.” 

Von der Leyen’s European Commission has supplied 330 million BioNTech-Pfizer shots, 100 million AstraZeneca shots, 50 million Moderna shots, and 20 million Johnson & Johnson shots through the EU joint vaccine purchase plan. 

With the exception of the J&J vaccine, all require two doses to attain full efficacy, and the EU’s adult population is anticipated to be 366 million. 

According to von der Leyen, This weekend, the EU delivered enough vaccines to member states to fully vaccinate at least 70 percent of the adult population this month. By tomorrow, some 500 million doses will have been distributed to all regions of Europe 

The EU Covid 19 crisis is not over yet. The EU is prepared to continue supplying vaccines also against new variants. Now the member states must do everything they can to ensure that vaccinations move forward. 

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