The EU Continues to Mobilize Aid for Greece and Other Countries in the Region

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism continues to channel assistance to Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean in the face of massive forest fires. The European Union has already assisted with the mobilization of 14 firefighting planes, three helicopters, 1,300 rescuers, and 250 vehicles in response to requests from Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, Italy, and Turkey.

Currently, 9 planes, close to 1,000 firefighters, and 200 vehicles are being deployed in Greece alone. Over the weekend, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia all made promises to send ground firefighting units. Ground firefighting units from Cyprus, France, Czechia, and Romania, as well as planes from Cyprus, Sweden, France, Croatia, and Spain, will join forces already working in the country.

This is on top of assistance already provided last week to assist in the fight against forest fires in Italy, Albania, and North Macedonia.

Two French Canadair firefighting planes were dispatched to the impacted districts in Italy. Two helicopters were dispatched from Czechia and the Netherlands to support operations in Albania. Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Austrian ground forces were deployed to assist North Macedonia. Romania dispatched a second plane on Saturday.

Furthermore, the EU’s emergency Copernicus satellite is assisting in the damage assessment of affected areas in North Macedonia and Greece.

The European Union’s 24/7 Emergency Response Coordination Centre is in touch with relevant national authorities on a regular basis to keep a close eye on the situation and channel EU support.

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