Thailand to sanitize Banknotes and issues new coins

In lieu with measures to be taken so as to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Treasury Department is to issue release new coins and collect old ones for a thorough clean-up. The news was confirmed by the Ministry of Finance, Thailand on April 1.

The government has been encouraging people to shift to online transaction and money transfers to avoid physical contact with the currencies that could be infected. In the meantime, the Treasury Department is to release 31 billion coins

Yuttana Yimgarund, Director-General of the Department said, “In Thailand, cash is the main source of transactions. People still carry cash with them to buy food and items”.

He added, “The virus can stick onto old coins for 5-7 days and with banknotes for 9 days”.

The Department will sanitize the old coins and banknotes using ultraviolet light at 200 degrees Celsius. It also advised the people to use detergent to wash and dry coins under the sunlight or use alcohol to clean them.

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