Technion Ranked First in Europe in the field of Artificial Intelligence

CSRankings has ranked the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s leading institution for science and technology, first in Europe and 15th worldwide in the subject of artificial intelligence. 

Data from 2016 through 2021 was used to compile the rankings, which included indicators like computer vision and natural web processing. CSRankings assesses each department based on how many papers by faculty appear at the most prestigious computer science conferences, as opposed to many university rankings that are based on surveys. This strategy encourages teachers to publish in prestigious journals while also requiring an assessment of the study. 

The Technion has 46 core AI researchers and over 100 researchers in allied domains like health and medicine, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, and finance. The Technion includes 46 researchers working on core AI topics and over 100 in associated fields like health and medicine, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, and finance. 

Professor Assaf Schuster and Mannor co-direct the Technion’s Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS) research center. The MLIS is a key component of the Technion’s AI success since it brings together the university’s several AI-related departments. The main goals of the center are to connect researchers with needed resources, technological businesses, and other significant institutions, as well as to strengthen the Technion’s status in the AI world. 

The Technion has already made significant headway in developing and improving its AI programmes, according to Schuster. In recent years, the Technion has enhanced all sectors of science, technology, and engineering, applying Technion knowledge to AI fields. The majority of them have information processing and machine learning components. Furthermore, the Technion considers disseminating its obtained knowledge to be a national role for the commercial sector. 

Earlier this year, the university announced a long-term partnership with PTC, which will see the business shift its Haifa research facility to the Technion in order to advance joint research in AI and manufacturing technology. PTC joins a number of other institutions that work with the Technion in these fields, including the technological universities of Lausanne (Switzerland), Eindhoven (Netherlands), and Paris Polytechnique (France) in Europe, as well as Cornell Tech, which houses the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, Waterloo University, and Carnegie Mellon University, which is home to the United States’ largest AI and robotics facility. 

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