Syrian Foreign Minister calls Turkey as the main sponsor of terrorism in the region

Speaking at the high-level General Assembly plenary on September 27, Walid al-Moallem, the Foreign Minister of Syria called Turkey one of the main sponsors of terror” in the region. 

He remarked: “Of course, when it comes to sponsors and financiers of terrorism, the current Turkish regime reigns supreme. The Turkish regimes one of the main sponsors of terror in Syria and the region.  It has facilitated the passage often of thousands of foreign terrorists into Syria and continues to provide all forms of support to Al-Nusra Front and its affiliated terrorist groups that have massacred Syrians. It carries out a ‘Turkification’ and forced displacement policies in the territories it occupies in Syria. And in what can only be considered a collective punishment against a million civilians that have rejected the Turkish occupation in Hasakah and a dozen other towns, the Turkish regime has deliberately and repeatedly cut the city’s water supply, endangering the lives of civilians, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. In legal terms, this amounts to a war crime and a crime against humanity. By the way, thesis the same criminal behaviour that terrorists exhibited when they cut the water supply to millions of civilians in Damascus in 2017. Then, just like today, the self-styled human rights defenders did not evenlight finger. To make matters worse, the Turkish regime has failed to commit to the Astana outcomes and the Sochi agreements on Idlib. It has moved terrorists and mercenaries–referred to by some as “moderate opposition”-from Syria to Libya. It has violated Iraq’s sovereignty, used refugees as bargaining chips against Europe, and laid claim by force to energy resources in the Mediterranean. The current Turkish regime has become a rogue and outlaw regime under international law.  Its policies and actions, which threaten the security and stability of the whole region, must be stopped”. 

Moreover, the “illegitimate presence of American and Turkish forces on Syrian soil meets all the legal conditions of an occupation”, he continued, referring to their actions as “a flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity”. 

 Al-Moualem pointed to the “systematic and grave violations of human rights” that Israel practices in the Golan and renewed Syria’s support for Iran “against the US policy” to undermine the nuclear agreement and destabilize the region. 

The Foreign Minister also stated that his country wants a secure future, “free from terrorism, occupation, and inhumane sanctions” and a UN that “unequivocally stands against wars and warmongers…while avoiding politicization, illegal interference and attempts to destroy nations and communities”. 

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