Syrian Army confronts rebel groups in Hama, 41 dies

A confrontation occurred between the government forces and the rebel groups in Syria’s central province of Hama on June 8.

The showdown resulted in the death of at least 41 Syrian soldiers and rebels.

Per the reports, the rebels launched an attack using suicide bombers and booby-trapped vehicles, in the northern part of the al-Ghab Plains, in the north-western countryside of Hama Province.

The rebels captured two military points in that area, before the Syrian army succeeded in returning the failing military points, following clashes with the rebels, reported the war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that 41 people, including 22 rebels and 19 Syrian soldiers, were killed in the battles.

Photo Credit :,_Idlib_against_the_Al_Nusra_Front.jpg

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