Synagogue attacker in Germany life sentence

Far-right extremist Stephan Ballier who attacked a synagogue in Halle on October 9, 2019 and had intended to blow open the door to the synagogue with an explosive device and carry out a massacre, has been sentenced to life. He was found guilty of two murders and more than 50 counts of attempted murder at the end of his 26-day trial on December 21. 

The accused was not at all remorseful of his crime. During his trial, Balliet repeatedly said, “Attacking the synagogue was not a mistake; they are my enemies,” and that he wanted to kill all the 51 people inside but was unable to open the building’s heavy doors. 

Judge Ursula Mertens noted the particular severity of the crimes, repeatedly describing the two murders and the attempted murders as “cowardly” and “cruel.” 

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