Sweden Finally Approves EU Minimum Wage

Sweden’s government lifted its opposition to a planned EU regulation to enhance wage protections in member countries on Friday, claiming that the new rules would not jeopardize the country’s extensively utilized collective bargaining process. 

It was a noteworthy step because Sweden, along with Denmark, has been one of the most strident opponents of the proposed directive, which wants to enforce the adoption of minimum wages across the EU, among other things. 

The new draft of the regulation looks to exempt nations such as Sweden and Denmark, where pay is mostly determined through union-employer agreements, from the necessity to implement a minimum wage. 

However, unions and businesses in both countries, as well as some parliamentarians, have expressed concern that the new regulation might be stretched beyond its current scope in the future, undermining Nordic wage-setting systems. 

It’s unclear what would be the consequences if a Swedish or Danish employee took a demand for a minimum wage to the European Union’s Court of Justice. 

Although the Danish government continues to reject the draft regulation, Sweden’s EU Affairs Committee agreed on Friday to support the Swedish government’s position. 

Three opposition parties, on the other hand, have criticized the government’s approach, claiming that the EU’s purpose is not to dictate how countries set their wages. 

If EU labour ministers agree to endorse the directive at Monday’s meeting, it will be considered further in the first half of next year during three-way talks involving member nations, the European Commission, and the European Parliament. 

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