Sustainable Investments are being Promoted by 30 Business Leaders

Thirty top business leaders are seeking to encourage private investment to help the U.N. achieve development goals for 2030, including tackling climate change, preserving the environment, ending poverty, promoting economic growth, and improving health care and education. 

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who launched the Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance two years ago, said at a virtual meeting Tuesday that he is counting on the group “to catalyze greater investment for developing countries and make net-zero (carbon emissions) and sustainability the core of everyone’s policies and business models”. 

Since its inception, the alliance of business leaders says, it has worked with the U.N. and other partners to develop standards, tools and products to draw long-term investment into sustainable development. 

The U.N.’s chief economist, Elliott Harris, said at a news conference after Tuesday’s virtual meeting that there has long been a perception that traditional investments “will generate more of a financial return than a sustainable investment”. 

“Increasingly, that is no longer true,” he argued. “Sustainable investments do generate very healthy financial returns and have the advantage of the longer-term contribution to enhance greater sustainability”.