Surge in COVID-19 patients leave Madagascar hospitals overwhelmed

With a surge in the number of Coronavirus infected patients, hospitals in Madagascar said they have been overwhelmed while those in the capital Antananarivo saying that they had reached their capacities.

The director at the Andohotapenaka Hospital, Nasolotsiry Raveloson stated that they are now accepting only severe cases.

The situation in Madagascar began spiralling out of control after it appeared that the island nation was making progress. In past 24 hours, the nation reported 614 new cases, the highest daily total so far. Citing the surge in the fresh cases of the novel Coronavirus, Madagascar has placed Antananarivo under a fresh lockdown until July 26.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the nation’s COVID-19 Command Centre, Hanta Marie Danielle Vololontian, has said that persons who die from the virus at home without getting tested will not be added to official statistics.

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