Sudan, U.S. sign agreement to restore sovereign immunity in the African nation

The Sudanese Ministry of Justice, on October 30, confirmed that Sudan and the United States have signed an agreement that ensures to restore sovereign immunity of the African nation.

“The agreement will settle cases brought against Sudan in U.S. courts, including for the bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, for which Sudan has agreed to pay $335 million to victims,” read a statement by the Ministry.

The pact signed by the two nations, forms a part of a U.S. pledge to remove Sudan from its designation as a state sponsoring terrorism under its Islamist ruler Omar al-Bashir who, last year, was toppled by the protests. And in order to avoid lawsuit, it was needed by Sudan that it gets its sovereign immunity restored, which it lost after it was designated as a state sponsoring terrorism.

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