Students come forward to provide daily workers with sanitizers: Jakarta

Toiling on the fringes, without any job security or decent wages, the already difficult lives of daily workers have landed into more harder and hazardous situation due to Coronavirus pandemic that has rattled the entire world.

In a move to help these “informal workers”, a group of university students in Yogyakarta, on the Indonesian island of Java have come forward and distributed 400 bottles of hand sanitizers and 30 bottles of hand soaps to pedicab drivers, construction workers, food sellers, motorcycle taxi drivers and traders in the city’s wet market. The students made plans to manufacture sanitizers themselves as the demand and price for those increased amid the virus outbreak.

Having posted a word on the social media to help these people whose work is seldom appreciated, the students witnessed donations rolling in to help the needy.

The global pandemic has led to a decline in income for many.

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