Soweto sees violation of social distancing advise

The streets of Soweto are quietened to an extent amidst the COVID-19 lockdown with the ordinary days hustle and bustle taking a back seat.

But Soweto is still struggling to practice complete social distancing as hundreds of people line up to stock up on essential supplies from the supermarkets. Despite social distancing being highly advised by health authorities, Soweto has witnessed a violation of the advice.

Sihle Hlomuka, a HR practitioner, said, “I’m worried there’s no police. In all the lines… You can see how long the lines are in this hypermarket. But there are no policemen. And keeping the set distance is not the order of the day”.

South Africa in under a 21-day lockdown until April 16 and amidst the corona crisis, cases of misuse of power and violence involving military personnel against civilians have also been reported that raises the risk bar quite high.

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