South Korea to recommence WTO complaint over Japan’s export restriction

Stating concerns over the stagnancies in talks with Japan to resolve the dispute between the two nations, South Korea has said that it would resume proceedings against Japan at the World Trade Organization over export controls on some high-tech materials.

South Korea accuses Japan of not showing sufficient commitment to resolving the disputes between the two nations. However, Seoul plans to continue dialogue with Tokyo while proceeding with the WTO complaint.

South Korea’s Deputy Minister for Trade and Investment, Na Seung-sik, said, “Our government has reached the conclusion that it is difficult to see this situation progressing through normal dialogue, which had been the condition for us suspending procedures to settle this through the WTO.”

Na Seung-sik added, “Through the WTO complaint, we will prove the illegality and unfairness of Japan’s export controls and raise international awareness.”

In response, a Japan Trade Ministry Official said that Tokyo will decide on its next course of action after seeing details of South Korea’s announcement.

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