South Korea plans to take a lead in post-COVID-19 economy: President Moon

South Korea, Asia’s fourth-largest economy is paving way to strengthen its economy in the post-coronavirus world. The country hopes to attain a significant place in the global economy by relying on its dexterity in the sectors of information and communication technology, and bio-health.

Regarding the same, President Moon Jae-in presented an ambitious vision on May 10 in a special address that marked the third anniversary of his inauguration. In the address he unveiled his top priority policy tasks for his remaining two years in power.

President Moon Jae-in said, “We will use our relatively rapid stabilization of the COVID-19 outbreak and the transition to a new normal as a turning point for enhancing economic vitality…We will blaze a trail in the post-COVID-19 era with a pace-setting economy.”

Stating the importance of advancing the health care and social safety nets as demanded by COVID-19 outbreak, President Moon Jae-in said, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be upgraded to the Disease Control and Prevention Administration to strengthen its expertise and independence.” 

President Moon Jae-in said, “I will strive to pave the way for the Republic of Korea to take the lead globally.”

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