South Korea orders doctors in Seoul to return to work as they continue strike

“The government now has no choice but to take necessary legal actions such as an order to open business to not put the citizens’ lives and safety in danger. We urge all trainee and fellow doctors to immediately return to work,” said Health Minister Park Neung-hoo.

Despite South Korean governments orders to return back to work, the doctors in the Seoul region continued with their three-day strike in protest of several government proposals, of which the boost to the number of doctors to deal with health crises like the Coronavirus is major one.

The trainee doctors and thousands of additional doctors raged protests by staging ongoing walkouts during a three-day strike. The strike comes as the country is currently battling with one of its worst outbreaks of the novel Coronavirus. The country reported more than 300 cases in the 24 hours to midnight August 25.

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