South Korea and China will Meet for High-Level Strategic Talks

South Korea announced on Tuesday that it will hold high-level strategic talks with China this week through video links, the first such meeting in more than four years. 

Choi Jong-kun, First Vice Foreign Minister, will hold the 9th Strategic Dialogue with his Chinese counterpart, Le Yucheng, on Thursday.  In June 2017, they held their eighth Strategic Dialogue meeting. 

The two sides want to address a wide variety of topics, including how to increase collaboration on regional and global security concerns and how to grow their relations in a forward-looking manner. Seoul and Beijing will mark the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic ties in 2022. 

The possibility of sending a governmental body to China for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which begin in February, is also likely to be addressed. 

Despite intentions by Washington and some like-minded countries to boycott the games diplomatically, Seoul has emphasized that it has taken no final decision on the sensitive issue. As the host of the previous winter Olympic games in 2018, South Korea will consider an acceptable “role”. 

The two countries’ governments agree that high-level personnel exchanges are critical to the strengthening of bilateral relations. On top of this agreement, there will be a discussion of the broader relationship between South Korea and China (at the next Strategic Dialogue), including high-level exchanges. 

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