South Africa’s two-day-old premature baby death marks the youngest death in the world of COVID-19

A 2-day-old premature baby in South Africa has died from COVID-19 making it one of the world’s youngest victims of the coronavirus.

According to the official statement provided by South Africa’s Minister of Health, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, the baby had lung difficulties and required support from a ventilator immediately after birth. He added that the mother of the baby has also been tested positive of the COVID-19.

Dr. Zweli Mkhize said, “Sadly we have recorded the first neonatal mortality related to Covid-19. The baby was two days old and was born prematurely.”

“The baby had lung difficulties which required ventilation support immediately after birth…We extend a special word of comfort to the mother of this child and salute the neonatologists, nurses and all allied and technical personnel who had the difficult task of caring for the neonate to the end,” he added.

The Director of the Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. John Nkengasong said, “To the best of our knowledge that is the first case that the Africa CDC is aware of.”

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