Somalian Parliament ousts PM Hassan Ali Khaire in no-confidence vote

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has been ousted by the Somalian Parliament in a no-confidence vote.

The no-confidence vote came into place pertaining to the power struggle between him and President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed over the issue of delaying the national election due in February, 2021, with the Prime Minister insisting it go ahead and the President favouring postponement. The allies of President Mohamed have even accused Khaire of failing to stabilise the security situation.

In an official statement from the President office said that President Mohamed has elevated Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled to the stature of Prime Minister in an acting capacity.

Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman, Speaker of the Parliament, said, “The government failed in its promise on the preparation of a clear plan for the one man, one vote election.” Mohamed Abukar Islow, the Internal Security Minister and a key ally of Khaire, accused the Speaker and the President of plotting to remove the Prime Minister to extend their terms.

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