Somalia opposition groups refuses to recognise President Mohamed Farmajo as the Head of State

An alliance of Somalian opposition has declared it now refuses to recognise Mohamed Farmajo as the Head of State of Somalia,

“We are against time extension, suppression, violence and further delay to the election,” the alliance said in a statement. “An election schedule should immediately without delay be displayed with agreed upon specified time.”

“We no longer recognize Farmajo as President. His term has ended and he is not only an obstacle to the nation but to national elections as well. He couldn’t reach a deal with the regional leaders because he left the meeting on the elections, he can no longer be in charge as his tenure is over”, said Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, a Somali Presidential candidate.

In a statement, the United States Embassy in Somalia has made an appeal to end the political impasse. “The United States urges President Farmaajo and Somalia’s national leadership to act now to resolve the political impasse that threatens Somalia’s future and find agreement with Federal Member State leaders to allow the conduct of parliamentary and presidential elections immediately. 

The political gridlock of the past year has resulted in a disappointing lack of progress in fighting al-Shabaab and improving security, advancing economic development after achieving the first stage of debt relief, and effectively addressing the food insecurity and natural disasters that threaten far too many of Somalia’s people. Quickly resolving the current electoral impasse is critical to Somalia’s future. 

It is the responsibility and the duty of national and regional leaders to put aside the search for political advantage and instead act in the interests of the people of Somalia, who deserve the best from their leaders.  Now is the time to resolve outstanding issues and finish the job of holding elections”, the statement from the US Embassy said.

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