Somalia opens international flights amidst reopening of the economy

In the wake of reopening the economy that has been under standstill since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Somalia has decided to resume international flights to and from the Horn of African nation.

After four long months of disruption pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, the flights have been resumed from August 3. The announcement for the resumption of international flights was made by the Somalian Cabinet on July 30.

The Somalian Cabinet has also asked the Immigration Department to put in place measures for resumption of international travel.

The Immigration Department cautioned that strict health measures must be adhered to as Somalia reopens its airspace for international flights saying passengers will acquire COVID-19 clearance certificates within three days before travel. The Immigration Department added that all immigration services will restart at all entry points.

On August 3, the Immigration Department said in a statement, “The travellers must have a medical certificate confirming they are free from COVID-19. The certificate (COVID-19 negative certificate) should be obtained not later than 72 hours before the travel time.”

The schools and universities of the country are expected to reopen on August 15 after five months closure to stem the spread of COVID-19.

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