Singapore PM assures to aid foreign workers

Stating the responsibility the country holds towards the foreign workers working in the country, Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong has promised to take care of foreign workers’ health, livelihood and welfare and aid them return back to their families, safe and sound.

Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong said that the COVID-19 outbreaks were seen in several foreign worker dormitories and several cases have emerged in many of the workers dormitories belonging from China, India, Myanmar, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

As part of the measures, an inter-agency task force has been set up to handle the situation, and a Forward Assurance and Support Teams has been deployed in all the dorms. These teams work closely with dorm operators and could respond quickly to the workers’ essential needs. Meanwhile, the government will provide foreign workers with the medical care and treatment that they need.

He requested, “Stay home and stop socialising with others. If we do not observe this strictly, all our inconvenience, pain and sacrifice will be in vain”.

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