Singapore gives green signal to sell lab-grown meat, becomes first nation to do so

In a first, Singapore has given a green signal to US start-up Eat Just to sell its lab-grown chicken meat. With this the firm says that it is the world’s first approval for so-called clean meat that does not come by slaughtering animals.

In a statement Eat Just said, “The first-in-the-world regulatory allowance of real, high-quality meat created directly from animal cells for safe human consumption paves the way for a forthcoming small-scale commercial launch in Singapore.” The meat will be sold as nuggets and had previously pegged their cost at $50 each. The move comes amid rising consumer concerns about health, animal welfare and the environment. The co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick said, “The company is targeting operating profitability before the end of 2021, and hopes to go public soon after.”

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