Sierra Leone closes its borders as precautionary measure to fight COVID-19

As a preventive measure so as to contain the spread of the pandemic, Sierra Leone has announced to close its borders for a period of 30-day on March 27. The move came after a state of public health emergency was announcement by President Julius Maada Bio.

All educational institutions, entertainment units and religious buildings like churches and mosques have been closed for 14 days. All cultural events and social gathering have been prohibited.

Sierra Leone has till date not registered any positive case of COVID-19 after testing two for the same but the measures are in lieu to stop the pandemic to affect the nation. Apart from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia has also closed their borders. Liberia is currently practicing a complete lockdown.

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia was at the heart of the Ebola crisis killing thousands a year ago and the nations have learned a lesson from the previous episode that it is better to take measures than to repent later. Guinea President Alpha Conde also declared a state of emergency on March 27 also for 30-days over the COVID-19.

Except Sierra Leone all other countries of West Africa have been affected by COVID-19.

The ban is to last for a renewable period of 30 days with cargo vehicles being allowed to pass having only two apprentices along with the driver. They’ll be subjected to a 14-day surveillance by both countries on entry and exit.

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