Senegalese President proposes law to mandate tree plantation in residential premises

The health crisis generated as a result of the coronavirus has made people all across the globe to become more sensitive towards the environment at large. In lieu with the commitment to protect the environment and to ensure means of conserving it, on August 9, Senegalese President Macky Sall said he would propose a law that mandates the planting of trees in residential premises.

The statement was made by the President on the occasion of National Tree Day marked by the West African country to encourage people to plant and protect trees.

President Macky Sall said, “Planting a tree means giving life to an entire ecosystem, it is also strengthening the protection of our forests and fighting against erosion.”

He added, “I intend to propose within the framework of the legislation that building authorizations henceforth take into account the obligation to plant trees in front of houses and to ensure permanent maintenance.”

On the occasion, the Senegalese President even plated trees followed by other government officials with an aim to inspire more Senegalese citizens to conserve the environment. Keeping in mind the precautionary steps concerning the coronavirus pandemic, all the officials along with the President were wearing face marks and following social distancing.

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