Senegal and Ivory Coast to be under “state of emergency”

Despite, Africa receiving a relatively slower arrival and spread of the pandemic COVID-19, several nations have already taken precautionary measures so as to contain it at the earliest. The 45 African nations have witnessed more than 1,700 cases that holds potential to challenge the already strained and under-funded health systems.

A nationwide “state of emergency” has been declared by Ivory Coast, President Alassane Ouattara and Senegalese President, Macky Sall. This is the latest addition to the steps taken by West African nations to bar the spread of novel coronavirus.

Apart from imposing “state of emergency”, Senegal and The Gambia has closed their borders for 21 days so as to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier, Senegal has already closed its border with Mauritania.

Senegalese President, Macky Sall, said on March 23, “In accordance with article 69 of the Constitution and Law 69-29 of 29 April 1969, as of midnight tonight, I am declaring a state of emergency throughout the national territory. The Government, the administrative authorities and all the State services concerned will take all the necessary steps to implement the decree on the state of emergency without delay”.

He further added that these measures will in particular give the competent administrative authorities including the Defence and security forces the power to “regulate or prohibit the movement of people, vehicles or goods in certain places and at certain times”.

All international flights have been suspended by Senegal till April 17.

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