Schools in South Sudan to reopen on May 3

The Minister of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI) of South Sudan has announced that all schools in South Sudan will reopen on 3 May 2021. “Overstaying at home is embarrassing us and erasing away the knowledge we acquired from our teachers. I am excited to hear schools will reopen and soon we shall get to reunite with friends and teachers to learn more,” Lawrence said. 

UNICEF has expressed its happiness over the announcement. In a statement, UNICEF said: “UNICEF has been one of many strong advocates for the reopening of schools. In South Sudan, schools provide more than just academics. At school, students learn social and emotional skills and it’s a safe place for the most vulnerable. Schools protect learners from harmful cultural practices and work as an access point for services including water, sanitation and hygiene and food. UNICEF is working with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction to prepare schools for the reopening and we are excited to note that this year will be the first with the new South Sudan curriculum.” 

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