Schools in Nigeria to be opened from October 12

According to a government announcement, schools in Nigeria will open from October 12. The education minister, Adamu Adamu, said that this decision is taken considering the drop on the number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria. 

“Since the beginning of September 2020, we have witnessed a considerable decline in the rate of infections,” Adamu said in a statement. The Oct 12 date affects 104 federal institutes known as Unity colleges. The reopening of the rest of Nigeria’s schools is determined by state governments. 

The government has also directed states and private schools to work out the modalities for reopening, but advised them to comply with COVID-19 safety and health guidelines. 

“Let me warn that any school owner that does not comply with these guidelines and an outbreak occurs in the school due to negligence, risks closure,” Adamu said. 

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