Saudi Arabia will Assist UN in its Efforts  in Respond to International Humanitarian Appeals

Saudi Arabia has made significant contributions to battling poverty, hunger, and the consequences of natural catastrophes on communities around the world. 

Sulafa Moussa, a member of Saudi Arabia’s permanent mission to the United Nations and chairperson of the Third Committee on Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues, was speaking at a high-level conference at the UN to commemorate the Central Emergency Response Fund’s 15th anniversary. 

She indicated that the Kingdom confirmed its commitment to react to global humanitarian appeals and to support UN and World Food Program efforts to avert famine and drought in afflicted countries, saving the lives of millions of people, including children. 53 member and observer states, three international organizations and regional authorities, and two commercial sector and civil society organizations contributed $592.4 million for 2021. The Kingdom continues to support the World Health Organization in its fight against COVID-19. 

The Kingdom provides direct assistance to a number of countries through the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, as well as assessing different situations through specialized project sectors such as food scarcity, health, humanitarian and emergency relief coordination, education, logistics, and telecommunications. 

KSrelief has 1,806 active and finished projects with 144 partners for 77 beneficiary countries as of November 2021. 

Saudi Arabia continues to support humanitarian efforts and has never stood by in the face of global crises, some of which are caused by wars and conflicts and others by natural, temporal, and geographical reasons. 

Sulaf Moussa also underlined the Kingdom’s sustained collaboration and support for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.