Saudi Arabia says it thwarted an Iranian trained terrorist cell; Iran rejects accusation

In a statement, the official spokesperson of the Presidency of State Security of Saudi Arabia said that competent Saudi authorities a terrorist cell. whose elements received a military and field training on how to make explosives, at the Revolutionary Guard’s sites in Iran,. Security investigations revealed the elements’ identities as well as two sites used by the elements to store weapons and explosives.  

 The spokesperson said that the Saudi security operation resulted in the arrest of “10 elements of this cell, where three of them received training in Iran, while the rest have performed different roles for the cell. The interest of the investigation requires not to disclose the identities of those elements arrested”.  Explosives were also recovered hidden in a house and a farm, the Saudi statement said. 

Iran rejected the allegations by Saudi Arabia. “The repetitive and worthless accusations of the Saudi rulers are not the way for Riyadh to achieve its goals, and our recommendation is that Saudi Arabia choose the path of honesty and wisdom instead of worthless scenarios,” Iranian state TV quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh as saying. 

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