Saudi Arabia and UN discusses Yemen’s growth

On Sunday, Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Jaber, the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen’s supervisor general, met with Dr. Rola Dashti, the UN’s under-secretary-general and executive secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. 

The two sides reviewed the steps that should be taken following the release of the UN study “Least Developed Arab Countries: Challenges and Opportunities for Development” to expand the development partnership and unite development efforts in Yemen during their meeting in Riyadh. 

Dashti described the ESCWA-SDRPY relationship as remarkable, noting that it began last month with the publication of the report “The Arab Least Developed Countries (LDCs): Challenges and Opportunities.” Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, and Yemen were among them, with Saudi Arabia playing a key role in supplying help to these countries. 

She highlighted that the report provided a comprehensive and clear picture of the needs of LDCs in the Arab area for the next decade, up to 2030. In addition, the meeting discussed how to contribute to the perceptions and needs of LDCs, particularly Yemen, as well as how to contribute to the activation of the development vision and partnership with the international community, which are seen as critical in achieving these goals so that Yemen can be safe, prosperous, and stable politically, economically, and socially. 

The meeting also reviewed Yemen’s and Yemenis’ development goals, as well as international cooperation to attain such goals. 

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