Saudi Arabia and UN will Work Together to Promote Sustainable Development in Soudah

With the signing of a new deal between Soudah Development Co. and the UN Mountain Partnership, Saudi Arabia’s southern Soudah mountains will get a boost in habitat protection while also inviting tourists and visitors. 

The juniper-covered mountains of Soudah, located in the Asir region in the southwest of the Kingdom, are home to Saudi Arabia’s highest peak, which rises more than 3,000 meters above sea level. 

The UN Mountain Partnership, which was founded in 2002 and is dedicated to protecting mountain environments around the world, aims to improve the lives of local mountain inhabitants while also preserving their ecosystems. It now has over 400 members, including governments, corporations, and civil society organizations. 

Soudah Development Co. is the first company from the Kingdom and the Gulf area to join this alliance, which will enable it to tap into a global pool of knowledge and resources as it establishes a legislative framework for a long-term tourist destination. 

This membership will help position Soudah on the international map by giving access to prospective mountain developers and adventure tourism partners who will recognize how the entity is embracing the same development values and quality standards as major mountain destinations worldwide.” 

Joining this collaboration is a significant step forward for the organization, bringing them closer to achieving their objective and development goals. 

The area is now a popular tourist destination for domestic travelers and adventure seekers, with activities ranging from gorgeous hiking paths to paragliding above the valley, as well as a peaceful camping place where you may stargaze at night. 

This enormous project will aid in the promotion of sustainable development, the preservation of Soudah’s environment, the protection of animals, and the implementation of a massive reforestation initiative that will remove more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

In keeping with Soudah’s environmental policy, the company promises to strengthen its commitment to wildlife conservation by establishing a monitoring initiative to track the behavior of endangered animals. 

New cooperation with the Beacon Development Company, a subsidiary of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, is part of this strategy. 

The deal will center on the installation of a network of concealed cameras in the area to monitor species such as the striped hyena, Arabian wolf, Arabian red fox, Indian crested porcupine, and wild cats.