Rwanda to deploy reports in its fight against COVID-19 pandemic

So as to strengthen its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, after successfully deploying drones, now Rwanda is ready to utilize five robots for the same purpose. Rwanda has set a positive example for other African countries by utilizing technology to aid its fight against the coronavirus.

Rwanda has planned to deploy the Belgium-made robots at a COVID-19 treatment centre to test patients’ temperatures and to alert authorities when people do not wear face masks.

Sabin Nsanzimana, Director General of the Rwanda Biomedical Center, said that the robots could also be deployed in serving food and other essential supplies to patients at the centre thus minimizing contact between the patients and the health workers.

Zorabots, one of the robots to be deployed told assembled medical staff at the Kanyinya facility in the capital, Kigali, “I have been so resourceful in countries like South Korea, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and China, where coronavirus started… I look forward to do the same in Rwanda. Together we shall prevail.”

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