Rwanda employs drones to monitor the lockdown measures

Rwanda has introduced the use of drones to keep residents of the Capital city, Kigali informed of coronavirus lockdown measures. The techno-savvy nation will also use the drone to catch the violators of the coronavirus lockdown laws.

 John Bosco Kabera, Spokesman of Rwanda police, said, “Drones are flying in areas where checkpoints are not mounted and where patrols could not be there”.

Two drones buzz on the streets of the capital city- one loudly broadcasting instructions and the other monitoring movements, along with the police stopping the cars and pedestrians on streets to ask the reason for them being out.

Rwanda has long aspired to be a regional technology hub and its use of the drones add to the list of nations adopting technology to fight the pandemic.

“Just stay at home. That’s what we are enforcing”, says the police in Rwanda.

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