Russian President signs decree to implement national development goals by 2030

A decree, instructing the implementation of the set of national development goals by 2030, has been signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 21.

The decree published by the Kremlin said that Russia aims to achieve revolutionary developments, increase its population and raise living standards.

Other national development goals include ensuring the growth rate of its gross domestic product (GDP) above the world average and keeping incomes and pensions above inflation. In terms of the quality of general education as well as research and development, Russia aims to rank under top 10 countries.

President Putin has set the goal of increasing the average life expectancy to 78 years by 2030 from 73.4 years in 2019, reducing poverty by half from the 2017 level, and raising the share of citizens playing sports to 70 percent.

Understanding the importance of technological innovation, under the national development goals, the country aims to raise the share of households with access to the broadband internet to 97 percent and the share of electronic social services to 95 percent.

Russian President Putin said that to this end, investments in the domestic information technology industry should grow fourfold during the period. It also plans to halve the emissions of hazardous pollutants and eliminate the most dangerous objects harmful to the environment.

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