Russian Defence Minister gets ‘Sputnik V’ shots, after it passed the human trials

The race for vaccine is on the rise in the wake of augmenting threat from the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia has been in the race of the vaccine trial and have completed the human trials of the country’s ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine. In lieu with the commitment of Russian officials, on September 4, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu received a shot of ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine.

On the very day, the official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in India uploaded a video of Sergei Shoigu receiving the shot of the vaccine.

According to preliminary findings published in The Lancet journal, results from the early-phase of the vaccine trials show that two formulations of the vaccine have a good safety profile detected over 42 days, and induce antibody responses in all participants within 21 days.

On August 11, ‘Sputnik V’ received a green light from the Russian government. The announcement was made by President Vladimir Putin who said that one of his daughters had already been vaccinated, experienced slight side effects and developed antibodies.

Since then, several government officials have initiated to get the shots of the vaccine. The Defence Minister said that all medical staff of Russian military and the military officers will receive the vaccine voluntarily first, and then expand to the whole military.

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