Russia sends 300 military instructors to Central African Republic

An additional 300 military instructors have been sent by Russia to train the army of the Central African Republic at the request of the country’s leadership, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. 

“For the purpose of providing assistance to Bangui in strengthening the defenses of the Central African Republic Russia promptly responded to the request of its leadership to dispatch a group of 300 instructors to train personnel for the national armed forces. A corresponding notification was handed over to the UN Security Council’s 2127 CAR Sanctions Committee,” the Foreign Ministry said. 

“The movement of paramilitary groups across the country’s territory, well-coordinated and supported from outside, has acquired the traits of a massive attack aimed at destabilizing the internal situation and frustrating the election process,” the Foreign Ministry stated. 

“A decision is about to be made to reinforce MINUSCA with peacekeepers from the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). Also, troops from Rwanda have been dispatched to the Central African Republic on the basis of bilateral agreements,” the Foreign Ministry further  said. 

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