Russia says it is not at all involved in cyberattack on US pipeline

Russia has denied any sort of involvement in the cyberattack on US pipeline.  

Russia was not involved in the cyberattack on the US fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS on Monday. 

“Russia has nothing to do with this,” the Kremlin spokesman said, commenting on US President Joe Biden’s words about evidence that ransomware was in Russia. 

As per report in TASS, Russia strongly rejects baseless fabrications of some US journalists on its role in a cyber-attack on top US fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, the Russian Embassy in the United States said in a statement. 

“The Embassy took note of the attempts of some media to accuse Russia of a cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline. At the same time, the US authorities blame the accident on the DarkSide criminal group and do not attribute it to any particular countries. We categorically reject the baseless fabrications of individual journalists and reiterate that Russia does not conduct “malicious” activity in the virtual space,” the statement published on the Embassy’s Facebook page said. 

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