Russia gives nod to new antiviral drug, Coronavir

As Russia’s tally of COVID-19 cases hit 700,000, the government here has given its nod to a new antiviral drug, Coronavir, to treat COVID-19 patients, confirmed its developed R-Pharm on Wednesday, July 8.

The company in a statement stated, “Coronavir is one of the first drugs in Russia and in the world that does not tackle the complications caused by SARS-CoV-2, but battles the virus itself.”

The developer said that the drug has found to be highly effective in inhibiting replication of the new Coronavirus in a clinical trial involving mild or medium-level cases. “Global clinical practice and the clinical study we conducted have confirmed that Coronavir puts a much more rapid stop to the infection as a result of its effective obstruction of the virus’s replication,” said Mikhail Samsonov, R-Pharm’s medical director.

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