Russia-based ‘Zvezda’ begins manufacturing space suits for Gaganyaan astronauts

A Russian organisation on September 7 informed that ‘Zvezda’, Russian research and development Enterprise has begun manufacturing the space suits for the Indian astronauts who are to form a part of India’s first manned space mission ‘Gaganyaan’.  

Announcing the same, Glavkosmos said on September 7, “Research, Development and Production Enterprise Zvezda, a subsidiary of Russian space organisation Roscosmos, has started manufacturing personal flight equipment for the Indian cosmonauts undergoing training in Russia.” 

Glavkosmos CEO Dmitry Loskutov further informed, “On September 3, Indian cosmonauts who have been training for spaceflight in Russia under the contract of Glavkosmos visited Zvezda, where their anthropometric parameters were measured for the subsequent production of spacesuits. The contract also provides for the production of individual seats and custom-made couch liners.” 

It must be recalled that Glavkosmos and ISRO’s Human Spaceflight Centre (HSC) on March 11, signed the contract for the production and delivery of individual equipment kits for Indian astronauts.  

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